Paradise for golfers, Thailand boasts some of the most stunning and enjoyable golf courses in the world. Choose to create a whole holiday around your love of golf or simply slip in a few games during your visit.. Orbit Tours Thailand offers golf packages throughout this beautiful country. With a complimentary caddy at every golf course giving yardages and helping to read the greens, it makes the round much more enjoyable. We can plan tours of all the best courses or just the ones you prefer.

Enjoy your passion amidst breathtaking scenery

With excellent local contacts and knowledge, Tours Thailand will take you on a wonderful golfing adventure – for an afternoon, a week or even longer. We offer the opportunity to visit the Golf Pros and golf clubs we know you will enjoy; so you can select the golf tour of Thailand that is paced the way you like it. Whether you want to include visits to restaurants, vineyards and cultural attractions or simply get straight to the all-important golf, Tours Thailand will create the golf tour that works for you.

Tours can include hotels or other accommodation, additional sightseeing options and dining if required; just get in touch and our expert planners will be delighted to help arrange your golf tour of Thailand.

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