Savor the flavours of Thailand and learn the skills you need, to take the experience back home to your table. Orbit tours Thailand will arrange for you to attend fantastic cooking schools anywhere in the four regions and with excellent local contacts, you will discover some of the best kept culinary secrets of this tropical paradise. We will create an itinerary that best suits you, whether your entire visit is about food or you simply want to add something special when visiting.

Intense flavours, delicate aromas and distinct culinary regions

With excellent local contacts, including culinary experts, chefs and local growers, our cookery tours take you to the four distinct culinary regions and people who truly reflect the best of Thailand’s cuisine.  Thailand’s capital, Bangkok is known by many as ‘Asia’s Kitchen’ and with good reason, in this one city alone, the flavours and influences fuse in culinary creations that are entirely unique. Whether you want to include visits to cultural attractions, local temples, visitor attractions and natural wonders or simply get straight to the fantastic food, Tours Thailand can create the tour that is right for your taste.

Tours can include hotels or other accommodation, additional sightseeing options and dining if required; just get in touch and our expert planners will be delighted to help arrange your culinary tour of Thailand.

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